06 Sep

Ride the Digital wave at the Connected Car Insurance USA 2017

Connected Car Insurance USA 2017 Conference To Embrace This Disruption

06 Apr

OnRamp Insurance Conference, 2017

We are proud to be associated with the OnRamp Insurance Conference, 2017, at Soldier Field, Chicago - the leading conference for insurance innovation.

About Prime

Headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (U.S.), Prime Technology Group is a highly diversified IT solutions company that combines innovation, deep industry expertise and a passion for client success.

Prime offers core insurance software solutions that can help you smoothly transition from a product-centric approach to adopting a customer-centric one. We can help you get ahead of thetechnology curvesand break free from legacy technology constraints that are necessarily poor engines for growth. With deeper insights into the insurance industry, our tech-savvy experts can help you deploy strategic, technology-driven platforms that extend your competitive advantage and propel lasting success.

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