Xemplar Insurance Telematics and Informatics Solution
  • A telematics solution that
    reduces risk, reduces cost &
    increases retention.

  • Engage your
    policy holder with
    real time alerts,
    driving improvement &
    direct marketing communication.

  • Provide value added services
    that matter to your customer.

Welcome to Xemplar - Telematics and Engagement

Prime’s telematics program, Xemplar, provides benefits to all the stakeholders in a policy relationship.

Claims Benefits

  • Mobile data collection before and at time of incident.
  • Weather, traffic, speed, and braking/ acceleration data helps in recreation of the scene.
  • Mobile claims filing allows for on-site images and important data-capture to speed up claims processing.

Marketing Opportunity

  • Event-based and direct communication features create a direct relationship with policyholders.
  • Create value via rewards, cross-selling, or educational information.

Risk Management

  • Utilize real-time location based services to warn policyholders of potential risk events.
  • Provide instructions/rewards to reduce potential claims.


Relevant data to make better decisions.

IT/Infrastructure Benefits

Xemplar is cloud/ SaaS based. No backlog for the IT Department.

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Telematics Application Features

Xemplar, The Insurance Telematics Application: Our Features

Xemplar's intuitive and cost-effective mobile application provides insurers and customers with an integrated, full-featured telematics experience. It's not just another “app for that”. Geolocation tools, speed and mileage trackers, traffic alerts, and plenty more allow insurance carriers to measure customer driving stats in real time, all while linking insurer rating engines and broker back-office systems to create quick and convenient processing. Thus, Xemplar telematics system helps significantly reduce your operating and capital costs, increases your revenue, and engages with customers on a regular basis.

Our customer engagement method of choice is your client's smart mobile device. We utilize cloud-based, on-demand computing features with a wide array of custom capabilities for both the driver and the insurer. This smart technology supports current policyholders while reducing dangerous driving behaviors — without negatively affecting policies and while retaining your client base.

This is why carriers and policyholders alike love Xemplar. Let's build a solution your clients will readily engage with together!


Telematics App Features

Automotive Telematics - Realtime Tracking


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