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05 Apr

Prime Launches Xemplar Auto v 2.0 For Personal Auto Insurance

Wayne, PA – April 05, 2017 - Prime Technology Group LLC, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions and services, launches the next major release of its premium offering – Xemplar Auto 2.0.

Xemplar is a suite of holistic mobile-based insurance risk management solutions for personal and commercial auto insurance. Using smartphone technology, Xemplar takes customer service and risk management to another level, by providing a new channel for impactful communications with policyholders, additional claims validation factors, and a source for collection of new risk data to develop/refine UBI products.

Built on the successful market reception of Xemplar Auto 1.x, the new version expands on the set of risk detection parameters that are backed by extensive research and validated industry standards. These parameters can also be configured to align with the risk tolerance/product appetite and the customer service strategy of auto insurers, who are the primary buyers of Xemplar solutions. The new version also expands on features like roadside assistance, weather/traffic alerts, first-notice-of-loss, etc. that makes it a much-wanted carrier app on the policyholder’s smartphone.

Data available from a vehicle’s sensors is not sufficient to truly understand all the risks. As seen in the past, OBD-port based solutions have not achieved high levels of adoption or delivered meaningful business impact. The real value is delivered to policyholders and carriers when overall safety is improved by influencing changes in driving behaviors, says SK Tirumala, EVP of Insurance Solutions at Prime.

Xemplar Auto 2.0 captures and analyzes complex and contextual driving data to deliver powerful and intelligent insights on these driving behaviors. The resulting visibility allows policyholders to make smarter driving decisions, and carriers to understand, predict, and take actions to lower risks and thereby reduce claims costs. Xemplar is not just about driving data; rather, it serves as a unified mobile solution that consolidates policy services, claims registration, sales/marketing activities, and value-added services such as roadside assistance, etc. Xemplar Auto 2.0 can be implemented swiftly in both the stand-alone and integrated modes. Onboarding of insured drivers is an easy one-step time-saving process, providing choices of bulk registrations by carriers or self-registration by policyholders.

SK further adds, I am thrilled about how far we have come with Xemplar solutions in a very short amount of time. Features being released with Auto 2.0 take the value proposition, to policyholders and carriers several notches up, and set a new benchmark in the world of mobile-based insurance solutions.

Sudhakar Goverdhanam, Chief Executive Officer of Prime Technology Group comments, A lot is being said about disruption in the insurance and other industries with new ways of conducting business. With Xemplar Auto and other products, Prime aspires to be in the forefront of technology solutions, that bring innovative products and exemplary services to our customers.

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About Prime
Headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (U.S.), Prime Technology Group is a highly diversified IT solutions company that combines innovation, deep industry expertise and a passion for client success. Founded in the year 1999, Prime serves the global markets in Healthcare, Insurance, Finance, and IT Consulting services with a collaborative workforce of more than 700 employees worldwide.

The breadth and scope of Prime's global enterprise consistently strives to ensure efficient current operations and cost-effective business processes to unleash new opportunities for growth.

About Prime

Headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (U.S.), Prime Technology Group is a highly diversified IT solutions company that combines innovation, deep industry expertise and a passion for client success.

Prime offers core insurance software solutions that can help you smoothly transition from a product-centric approach to adopting a customer-centric one. We can help you get ahead of thetechnology curvesand break free from legacy technology constraints that are necessarily poor engines for growth. With deeper insights into the insurance industry, our tech-savvy experts can help you deploy strategic, technology-driven platforms that extend your competitive advantage and propel lasting success.

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